So, I decided to start a blog… With the wanderlust in my heart it has been hard to nail down what I want to write about. So, I have landed on three things that I am passionate about: travel, fashion, and advocacy. You see, I am at home wherever I am dropped in this wonderful world of ours and my idea of a perfect vacation is one without a regimented itinerary, where the experience flows organically. I suppose it also stems from the rebel inside… don’t tell me what I “have to” see, instead I would rather discover it for myself.

Having spent the past couple of decades as an educator, you would think that would be what I would write about, but education has broken my heart. I made a choice to dive headfirst into education because I felt that it needed to be “fixed”. Well, I have learned through my experiences that education is not designed for the student, but rather the adults who use it to broker power. If  I talk about education in my blog, it will be through the lens of advocacy.

Finally, fashion. I have the Poshmark bug. Yep, it’s an addiction of sorts. I love the rush I get when an item that I have sourced, marketed, and nutured sells. I will be creating training videos for Poshers as a part of my blog as well as addressing other aspects of the business. I also sell on other platforms and it’s fun to compare and contrast the different ones (I bet I sound like an educator when I start comparing and contrasting…).

So, welcome to my blog. I hope you have fun and I look forward to engaging with you on the topics that are near and dear to me.